Friday, December 18, 2009

Tired,Worn-out and Self-fulfilling Burlesque

Hey GOP!  Why all the fear?
Get Some NEW On!

The word of the day is: PARALLEL !!!

If the vested interests are prudent (not to say panicked) by new media possibilities, the answer is to try something(s) in parallel - modest budgets, defined objectives.

Politics-as-usual strikes me as resembling the death throes of  Burlesque, as radio and motion pictures were overtaking the medium.  And, politicians resemble nothing so much as burlesque acts with worn-out jokes and worn-out props and  worn-out costumes.  The whole thing is pathetic.

One shouldn't underestimate the efficacy of the disgust factor.  Many reasonable people reasonably ignore politics because the same old families and the same old tricks and the same old nonsense are well-neigh impermeable, inured to change and reform.

The GOP's ideas are sound but how does the party overcome habits and vested interests?  Politicians, pollsters and pundits are like old burlesque actors - old habits, old acts, tired,worn-out and self-fulfilling 

Simply put:  If the GOP wants to win - if the GOP wants to win by a mile - then some fresh words, fresh presentation, fresh faces are the order of the day.

Attention politicians, pollsters and pundits! Why all the fear?   Your ideas and principles are sound.  A little innovation . . .a little trust in your own ideas . . .and you can win by a mile!

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