Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Meme of the Week - Thursday, December 31

TARP, ObamaCare, Cap&Trade . . .Democrats . . . Tools of special interests at YOUR expense!

Really, who do you think wrote those bills?  Who magically produced 1,000 pages or 2,000 pages on short notice.  Did Barry or Nancy or Harry stay up all night?  WHO wrote those bills?

Hard-working, conscientious, self-serving LOBBYISTS wrote those bills.  The hard-earned money of selfish, vested interests (like labor unions and pharmaceutical companies) wrote those thousands of pages that magically appeared on the House and Senate floors.  That's why no one in Congress has read them.  Those laws are basically compilations of special favors, drafted by lobbyists working for special interests.
Democrats . . .tools of special interests . . .
Thousands of pages of new laws . . .still unread by anyone who voted for them.

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