Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Brain Drain ? Brain Strain ?

Politicians have always gamed the system for the advantage of themselves, their districts, their party or their ideology.  This is nothing new.

What is new is the intensity and sophistication of the gaming of the system.  What we have seen in 2009 exceeds anything that has gone before.  Why and how are important.  And, the why and the how are frighteningly simple to see.

The folks who brought us the off-balance-sheet entities and securitized mortgages and other toxic financial innovations have come to Washington.  That's the why and the how.

New levels of sophistication are required to understand what is happening.  Clever columnists write of double-accounting and hidden costs and postponing consequences.  This is complicated stuff.

New dimensions of memetics are required to convey this phenomenon to the electorate.  This is easy, in a way, because the financial damage done by these people and their mindset is clear and palpable to nearly all Americans.  Is the GOP exploiting this opportunity?  Not yet. 

 Now is the time, folks.  Now.

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