Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Good Meme is a Battle Hymn for our Republic

David Limbaugh had a good column on Tuesday, entitled “It’s Not the Economy, Stupid; It’s National Survival.”  I’d call it a good overview of the status of Our Republic.  There is not one word or phrase in that article, however, that the voters can hum, whistle or remember for 15 seconds. 

  • That’s how the GOP fails to win by a mile.
  • That’s how American elections are reduced to 51/49 contests – by the Democratic agility that transmogrifies mendacious boilerplate into boredom. 
  •  Voters buy the Democrats lies because buying the lies is far easier than unraveling them to induce the truth. 
  •  The purpose of memetics is to eliminate this lies-to-boredom-to-acceptance by providing a simple unit of cognition (not one single unit; not always the same unit; just an appropriate simple unit) to disarm the brazen lies of the other side.

·         Put that phrase (What Good is Obama?) in the headline of David Limbaugh’s article.
·         Put that phrase at the beginning or the end of every paragraph of his article.

And then, Mr. Limbaugh, you have a new Battle Hymn for the Republic!

Being right isn’t sufficient, we must be right in a manner that is easily recognizable by The Good Folks in the Middle, where elections are won.

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