Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Meme of the Week - Thursday, December 3

This meme is courtesy of Sarah Palin:

Cheap & Plentiful Energy

That’s our goal.  Sarah is credited with “Drill, Baby, Drill!” but, in her Wall St. Journal op-ed of July 14 on the subject, she created an eloquent and eminently useable meme in Cheap & Plentiful Energy.

The Democrats and the One-Worlders and the Greenies seek government control or high taxes or impoverished citizens.  Cap&Trade or carbon-taxing is a pre-text for bureaucratic control.

Freedom and innovation can provide solutions.  Democrats think that government control is the answer; it isn’t.  Government control makes problems worse by creating distortions and vested interests.

Unfettered markets can provide guidance by means of real prices, as opposed to government-mandated distortions

The goal is cheap and plentiful energy.  That means more ease and happiness and wealth and health.  That means new oil refineries (most recent oil refinery built in the US was in 1976, in Garyville LA), new nuclear power plants, new ideas.

Recently, Texas refused to join the unified US electric power-grid for a surprising reason: the unified power-grid is grid-locked by regulatory conflicts.  Gov. Rick Perry declined to tie his state to red-tape (source:   Government control makes every innovation slower and more difficult.

Freedom and innovation can provide solutions!

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