Tuesday, September 15, 2009

You Won't Read Them Here ! ! !

The Magic Words about Bush/Cheney!

To explain why you won't read them here, permit me to use an illustration.

In 2002, I emailed Colin Powell. He was scheduled to address the State Legislature of Maryland on the subject of a proposed resolution on the Armenian “Genocide.”

I put “genocide” in quotation marks because these events took place in the 1920’s during the dismemberment of the Ottoman Empire, formation of the modern Turkish Republic and wars fought by both the old Ottoman government and the new Turkish Republic to defend the borders of Turkey. Today, those of Armenian descent claim that 1.5 million Armenians were killed by Ottoman soldiers. The modern Turkish government, which was not in existence at the time, claims that this number is exaggerated and that an equal number of Turks were killed in the fighting. This is a very, very tender issue for both sides.

I suggested to Colin Powell that he say, “In a democracy, history is written by historians. History is not legislated.” Colin Powell used those words. The legislature tabled the resolution.

My suggested was never acknowledged and no thanks were offered.

Still full of hope and the milk of human kindness, I passed the same words on to Abdullah Gul, then Foreign Minister (now President) of Turkey. Mr. Gul has used those words frequently. With those words, he has made a diplomatic breakthrough with neighboring Armenia. Borders that have been closed and diplomatic relations that have been severed for generations have been opened with his efforts and those words – my words. >Link is here<

My suggestion has yet to be acknowledged and thanks are yet to be offered.

That’s all, folks.

My wisdom on matters of current import is no longer free; it is for sale. You may email me for further information.

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