Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A little thought experiment: How Would You - YOU, really, YOU - Reassure Investors, Businessmen and Consumers?

My belief is that the most important factor in the 2009-2010 recovery of the US and world economies is a sense of stability. If the Anointed Won would just stop talking about regulatory changes and new taxes for the next three years, the world would be magically transformed.

But . . .but . . .but . . .that would make the 2012 election a referendum on new taxes and new regulations. Sh-t! No one can sell that!

But, wasn't the 2008 election about new taxes and regulations? No! Last year's election was about Change. It was about magical thinking.

So, the 2008-2012 presidency is about the transition from magical thinking to reality.
  • Who gains from such a transition? How do they gain?
  • Who loses from such a transition? How do they endeavor to prevent those losses?
Now you have the scenario for the next three years.
  • No one on the Left will change his/her mind about the rightness of The Won.
  • No one on the Right will change his/her mind about the folly of The Won.
  • The game is in the middle for those whose reality is conflicted by The Won.
Those in the middle can be convinced by reality, reason, experience and empathy. Rigidity and righteousness are not what is called for. The road to reclaim the government from The Won is wide open.

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  1. The Won won on change. unfortunately, everyone had a different idea of what change they wanted. now everyone is upset. Obama is pleasing no one.

    now what everyone wants is no change. what the majority is asking for is a return to american fundamentals.