Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Is American Politics REALLY Worse Than Ever ??? -- Part II

. . . and, if so,

Things are different than they have ever been and some things are worse than ever. These times are not the times of Eisenhower, Daddy Bush or even Bill.

  • Cheney's exploitation of Vice-Presidential power and prerogatives was a first - the product of a smart man with a life-time of experience in the web of bureaucracy (rather than - or in addition to - the jungle of politics). He played the administrative system as a virtuoso - placing his own team in 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th echelon positions to accomplish both public and private objectives, beyond nearly all scrutiny and as he - personally - saw fit. >This link is just one example of many, many, many>link<.
  • Obama isn't respecting/using/playing the system. He doesn't even know the system. He never learned it and never acquired significant experience in it. He's just the outsider/foreigner/amateur doing what he thinks is best or what he wants without understanding or respect for the existence of any precedent, rule or system. He doesn't seem to know (or doesn't acknowledge) that systems, rules or precedents exist.
  • Obama's first year has seen a series of new laws of more than a thousand pages each suddenly appear - written by unknown/unaccountable outsiders and unread by the Congress that passed them. This is dereliction of duty by the Executive and Legislative branches of government.
  • First, Baby Bush and then - on a much larger scale - Obama have encouraged and enabled (through guarantees) debt on an unprecedented scale (as measured per capita or percent of GDP).
  • American Presidents' posturing in foreign affairs is nothing new. The Cold War constrained such posturing. Bill Clinton blew a massive once-in-a-millennium opportunity to make-over the Russian system in the chaos there after the Soviet system disintegrated. In the post-Soviet era, US hegemony has been used for little good and little evil. Now a new world order is upon us with a new nuclear proliferation and with extremely odd urgency (collapsing birthrates in Russian and Iran make power-plays a now-or-never proposition); it won't be fun and it won't be familiar {a separate post on this will be forthcoming}.

but . . .but . . .SO WHAT?

Most voters under 40 don't care.

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