Friday, September 11, 2009

More of Journalism's Shining Fulfillment

I constantly remind myself of The Anointed Won rushing TARP through Congress in two days and then letting it sit on his desk for three days, while he took a long week-end off.

This is a guy who gets his way and
gets cocky . . .or he gets ugly.

To bring this back to Memetics, I regard
The Anointed Won
as someone who takes the world in big chunks -
- as "Mine!"

I'll leave others to pick names out of the DSM (American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual), but this is an individual who gives Nancy Pelosi and unseen lobbyists the job of drafting laws; he has no interest in details. The Won likes winning. I'll bet he loses interest in something before he loses, so the conclusion of the ObamaCare ObamaShow may offer some humor and surprises.

I'll bet he characteristically loses interest in anything
where he perceives he is likely to lose.

Protests in Iran,
Democracy in Honduras,
War in Afghanistan.
Domestic economic recovery.

This is not the leader we need.

I will also wager than he compensates. His show in the Security Council next week will be interesting, even if disturbing.

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