Wednesday, September 2, 2009

This Post Began as Just For Fun, But Colin Powell Just Rankles

Initially, I thought about making a caption contest.

I searched for photographs of Colin Powell with similar gestures and could not find any.

And, then, the more I thought about Colin Powell . . .well, I have a very special opinion of Colin Powell. {link here} At least since he was Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, he pursued his own agenda. Why it was tolerated by Daddy Bush and by Baby Bush, I have no idea. That Colin Powell waited until the last minute and then endorsed Barrack Obama is no surprise at all. The question is how he was tolerated at the upper reaches of power for so long. Even his promotion to Chairman of the Joint Chiefs was peculiar, as he was #273 (out of 300) in seniority for the position of Army Chief when he was chosen and then, very shortly afterward, was made Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. He was National Security Advisor for Reagan and promoted by H.W. from Lieutenant General to General to Chairman. There's a long, strange story here that has yet to be told.

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