Sunday, November 1, 2009

We've seen the fraud and corruption . . .

Now introducing the concept we have all been waiting for . .

The QUANGO - No, it is not a new dance, in the traditional sense.  This is a long-needed term to describe how government evades responsibility, hides public aid and conceals financial liabilities.  It is the public equivalent of the investment banks' off-balance-sheet entities that brought so much kaka into the financial storm a year ago.
Al Franken's very close election as senator was accomplished by ACORN voter registrations; hooray.
The QUANGO - like ACORN, below the radar, funded by the government and destroying The Republic . . .like FANNY MAE and FREDDIE MAC spreading financial destruction with a federal government guarantee.

The QUANGO  much more sophisticated and more specific a word than BOONDOGGLE, don’t you think?  A bi-partisan cross between a mango and a quagmire, with a hint of rhythm and romance . . .and fattening! 

Today’s admittedly silly meme on this essential issue is:

Tango, Yes!

Quango, No!

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