Sunday, November 8, 2009

More about The Magic Words about Bush/Cheney

An earlier blog (Sept. 15) explained why these magic words are not free.  However, I failed to explain their importance, thinking their importance was obvious.

The importance of The Magic Words about Bush/Cheney is that the GOP will be fighting uphill in 2010 and 2012 without them.

The Good Folks In The Middle are still angry and confused by Bush/Cheney - by the muddle of the events, policies and consequences of those years. 

The Won uses Bush/Cheney as an excuse for everything.
They know that.
But the good folks in the middle are still angry and confused.

The GOP has the choice to take my magic words or fight a fight much more difficult and much more expensive and much more risky than it has to be.

And, without those magic words, Liz Cheney, her very-own-self with her very-own ambitions, will be fighting uphill wearing an 80 lb. knapsack.

Five little words - a little magic spell –
and everything becomes
much simpler and much easier and much cheaper *
~ ~ ~

* just as Turkish-Armenian relations were re-opened, after three generations, by another simple phrase from memetics k marketing™!

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