Monday, November 9, 2009

Memes for Monday Morning . . .

(after losing the vote on ObamaCare in the House by 220-215; that’s a swing of only 3 votes out of 435)       

Really and truly, now – more than ever – 
we need LEADERSHIP from the GOP leadership.
The GOP must show confidence that 1)the GOP represents the Good Folks in the Middle, 2)the Pelosi Majority has sealed its own fate and 3)the GOP will give comfort and cover to the conservative "Blue-Dog" Democrats who voted "no."  Now is the time to project strength and confidence.

The GOP can and should now pander to every legislator's top priority: re-election.

Memes for inside the Beltway (directed at the House and Senate):

Now, more than ever,
we need LEADERSHIP from the GOP Leadership !!!
~  ~  ~
The electorate will see it is the GOP 
who has the “big tent”
because we’ll welcome the Blue-Dog Democrats
who voted “no” to nationalizing health care.
~  ~  ~
Memes for Outside the Beltway (directed at the electorate):

Can the Senate save us from ObamaCare?
~  ~  ~
Pelosi will be gone as speaker in less than a year. We're gonna win by a mile !!!
~  ~  ~
After taking over banking, cars
 and healthcare,
will Obama take over energy, too?
~  ~  ~
New rules and new taxes do not create new jobs and new wealth!

Both inside and outside the beltway:

Planning for the 112th Congress  --
We’re Gonna Win 2010 By a Mile  !!!

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