Monday, November 23, 2009

Planning for 2012

A coherent plan for 2010 and 2012 would be wise.  As I write these words, I feel like the parent of a teen-age child – self-conscientiously understating a fact that seems overwhelmingly self-evident although the child cannot or will not see my point.

The GOP tends to be uncomfortable with political principles, focusing on “issues.”  “Issues” and “values” tend to be synonyms for single-issue and special-interest constituencies. 

If the GOP holds to this pattern, the 2010 campaign will be built on justifiable voter outrage . . . and 2012 will be (barring foreign crisis or another recessionary dip) a Democratic resurgence.

A far better plan would be to cultivate some principled affinity among the angry 2010 voters.  This is unlikely to happen because the GOP is quite comfortable with outrage and quite uncomfortable with principles.

Most of my campaign plans are for-sale only. 

Here are a few that I’m willing to give away . . .that I’ve already given away.  Look down this blog page for these entries.

  1. Take a look at “The Importance of Defining Failure Before the 2012 Election” – my post of July 14.  It is the most important posting I have made here.
  2. Meme of the Week, Oct 28: “Reality, reason, experience and empathy.”  The GOP can win consistently if it uses these four factors in its appeals.
  3. Values Voters Vex Validity, Verity & Verisimilitude.  Nothing is wrong with the values or the voters.  Their approach to the good folks in the middle is severely, severely flawed.
  4. The Magic Words about Bush/Cheney – five little words that will cost the GOP ½ of 1% of what it will save them in campaign expenditures (and may save them the election in toto!). 
Among the items that are for-sale behind my magic curtain:
  1. Two little tricks for Sarah Palin that will calm the resistance she finds with the good folks in the middle.  The resistance on the left is irremediable and irrelevant.
  2. Of course, the Magic Words About Bush/Cheney.
  3. Budget and battle-plans for 2012 – rethinking what hasn’t been thought of, yet.  It’s almost too late to use them for 2010.

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