Friday, October 2, 2009

Dear Gov. Pawlenty - When Things Don't Click - when they go clack, sputter, sputter - It's Time for The Witch-Doctor (me)

Tim Pawlenty Launches
2012 GOP Presidential Bid

I don't know the gentleman. I wish him well.
  • I am certainly impressed by his press reach and his high-dollar team.
  • I'm sure that he'll learn as he goes.
  • He seems to understand that the 2012 election is a long march that began yesterday.
  • However, this high-dollar effort is a failure. The high-dollar team is missing something.
  • Do Gov. Pawlenty and his team know it? Do they know what they're missing?
  • Will Tim Pawlenty call The Witch-Doctor (me)? . . .

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