Friday, October 16, 2009

In the most powerful, most wonderful, most exceptional country on earth, . . .

Primitive, Protozoan Survival  = 
XXIst Century Politics

The November 2009 elections are critical to the fate of American Liberty because each Republican victory causes every Democrat to fear for his/her own re-election in 2010 or later.  That primitive protozoan survival mechanism should not be misinterpreted as cleverness or wisdom or statesmanship.

Each victory is potentially critical in discouraging Democrats and Olympia Snowe (?-ME) from supporting The Won’s agenda.  In the Senate, the change of a single vote may mean success or failure in preventing Obama from overturning the American Republic.

From where I sit (literally, very far removed), GOP campaign techniques seem likely to succeed.  After all, the facts and the first ten months of The Won give pause to many of the good folks in the middle.  The GOP may well pull off victory in the 2009 elections with traditional arguments and techniques. 

However, GOP victory and success in 2009 are likely to be measured in inches.  And, a victory of inches is not likely to prompt a systematic re-think of GOP political/electoral strategy. 

That’s human nature – if you get what you want, you are not apt to think about how you could have accomplished your goal better or more easily.  Very few people are going to think, “We should have won by a mile, instead of inches.  What are we doing wrong?”

A GOP failure would prompt a colossal rethink . . .while enabling The Won to wreak all manner of havoc before the 2010 elections -  assuming that the GOP could get smart that quickly.  GOP re-thinks tend to produce the resolve to do the same thing louder and longer.

The GOP needs a leader who says,

“We should win by a mile.  How do we do it?”
The GOP needs the confidence to expect to win by a mile.

How and from where does that expectation come?

Ask the Witch-Doctor (me) !!!

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