Friday, October 16, 2009

Abandoning the Dollar is another aspect of The Won’s assault on American Exceptionalism.

The Dollar is a sacrifice 
to The Won!

The easiest, fastest and cheapest defense of the Dollar is talk.  The Won will not even talk in defense of the dollar.  Talk is what The Won does best.  He won’t even do that.

The next easiest and fastest defense is raising interest rates.  The Won will not do that because it will raise the projected costs of his massive deficits – increasing the price of his massive re-do of America – thus increasing opposition to his proposals.  Never mind that this is real life arguing against The Won’s fantasy; anything (including reality) that stands in His way is to be denied and otherwise resisted.

The near-zero interest rates are not increasing credit or promoting general economic recovery.  The near-zero interest rates are accomplishing only two things
  • Reducing the projected costs of The Won’s absurd make-over of the U.S.
  • Temporarily inflating profits (and bonuses) in the financial sector.
Let's see what a small increase in interest rates does for the value of the dollar and the forecast profligacy of The Won!

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