Thursday, October 29, 2009

ObamaCare - The Biggest, Fattest Target for Memetics & Marketing™ Since Forever

Today's Wall St. Journal has a perceptive article by David Henninger, called "Obama and the Old Hat People."
"In a world defined by nearly 100,000 iPhone apps, a world of seemingly limitless, self-defined choice, the Democrats are pushing the biggest, fattest, one-size-fits all legislation since 1965. And they brag this will complete the dream Franklin D. Roosevelt had in 1939."

If the GOP cannot frame opposition to ObamaCare  for this electorate in a manner that is compelling, then the GOP will lose The Republic and will deserve to lose it - not that The Republic deserves to be lost, as it has been the best hope for mankind since its inception.

In this AP photo, we have Schumer, Reid and Leahy bravely striding forward into our bright tomorrow.

The alarm bells should be going off in everyone's head when they look at these two photographs.  How can such a thing be such a serious menace in a nation with universal education and mass communications?  Something is fundamentally askew.

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